April Showers Bring May Flowers. And Roof Leaks.

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Water intrusion can quickly lead to damaged insulation, equipment and inventory inside a building. Roof leaks any time of the year can be frustrating, damaging, unsafe and costly to any facility. This is especially so in the springtime when rain showers are a common occurrence. Knowing what causes leaks can help you identify the problem and determine the best solution.

5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks

Some common issues that cause commercial roof leaks include membrane failures, drains and gutter issues, ponding water and flashings. Below are 5 tips to help prevent roof leaks from hanging over your head:

  • Ensure your roof is properly draining and not holding or ponding water.
  • Inspect your ceilings and walls from inside the building to look for evidence of roof leaks or other damage that may have occurred.
  • Periodically check for coping or metal flashing that’s missing.
  • Remove debris like leaves, sticks and garbage so they don’t cause a backup in the drains.
  • Implement a routine maintenance plan to help double your roof’s lifespan.

Does your roof have any of these issues?

When not resolved in a timely manner, a simple roof leak can grow into a flood of problems and expenses. Inspect your roof on a regular basis. The time you save doing so may even allow you to stop and smell the spring flowers.

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